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    Introduction to PTFE Teflon Grid Conveyor Belt

    Our company introduces advanced imported looms, which are made of high-quality imported glass fiber and Kevlar (Aramid) as high-strength mesh base fabric, and then coated with high-quality Teflon resin. A base fabric made of a Teflon (PTFE) mesh conveyor belt.

    The main features of the Teflon mesh belt:

    1. Temperature resistance - from low temperature -70 ° C to high temperature 260 ° C, the highest temperature can reach 290 ° C or more.

    2. Corrosion resistance - not affected by most chemicals and solvents

    3. Anti-adhesive - almost all adhesives such as resin, paint, chemicals, etc. can be easily removed

    4. Bending fatigue resistance - high tensile strength and bending fatigue resistance, can be used for smaller rounds.

    Teflon mesh cloth application range:

    Textile printing and dyeing, printing and drying guide tape, screen printing, UV drying, UV series light curing machine, offset printing machine, loose dryer, non-woven drying machine, high frequency dryer, food baking machine guide belt , temperature control drying room, fast drying of flux type ink and drying of general water-containing items.

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