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    • Teflon conveyor belt main performance characteristics

      1, for low temperature -196 ° C, high temperature 300 ° C, with weather resistance, anti-aging. After practical application, if placed at a high temperature of 250 °C for 200 days, not only the strength will not become lower, but also the weight will …...

    • Teflon high temperature fabric performance continues to improve

      It is necessary to continuously increase the specifications of Teflon high-temperature fabrics and improve the quality of products, strengthen the anti-corrosion Teflon high-temperature cloth, cold-resistant Teflon high-temperature cloth, anti-slip Te…...

    • Application of Teflon tape in the rubber industry

      Application of Teflon tape in the rubber industry(1) Completely demoulding the package, and a large number of low scrap rates;(2) Easy demoulding, increasing labor intensity;...

    • Explain the tape in our lives

      In our daily life and in the industry, we use it in tape. Some tapes are used in some industries. Some tapes are used in industry, but they are not limited. Secondary to fix and protect all types of products, and to provide escorts for the journey. To…...

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